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On October 27-28th 2015 Coalition for Polish Innovations is hosting an international conference under the title Innovative Europe. Fostering Innovation Ecosystem. Two-day event will serve as a platform for discussion on the developmental challenges for Polish change-makers and their global counterparts.

First edition of the event in September 2014 gathered more than 200 thought-leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and academics including Julie Meyer, Dipanjan Nag and Arno Basedow. Forbes reported from the event: "If we want to be optimistic about the future of Europe, look to Poland. They have what Darwin says make you fit - adaptability".

This year's conference will examine recent regional policy challenges, analyze key factors for the innovation ecosystem to thrive and identify necessary toolkits. To maximize interaction inspiring keynote speeches and dedicated panel discussions will be complemented by few workshops and presentation by up-and-coming scientists and startupers.

Conference will be held at the brand new A-class venue - European Solidarity Centre, located in the postindustrial setting of historic shipyard of Gdańsk.

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  • Day 1  27.10.2015

    9.00 – 9.30

    9.30 – 09.45
    Paweł Adamowicz – Mayor of Gdańsk

    09.45 – 10.45
    Panel discussion: Technology changes vs Legislative challenges

    (PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)

                   Moderator: Maciej Kuziemski, Res Publica

    1. Krzysztof Wojdyło, Wardyński & Partners 

    2. Thomas M. Strat, PhD., DARPA Challenge

    3. Jadwiga Emilewicz, Head of Innovation Commission, Małopolskie Voivodeship Sejmik

    4. Martin Oxley, Strategic Adviser, UKTI Central and Eastern Europe

    10.45 – 11.00

    Presentation of Coalition for Polish Innovations

    11.00 – 12.00

    Creating local innovation culture

    (PL - simultaneous translation)

    Moderator: Teresa Kamińska, CEO, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

    Introduction: Mieczysław Struk, Marshal, Pomeranian Voivodenship


    1. Monika Lamparska-Przybysz, PhD., Polpharma

    2. Marcin Szpak, Energa

    3. Krzysztof Malicki, Politechnika Gdańska

    4. Zbigniew Karpiński, Centrum Techniki Okrętowej

    5. Paweł Orłowski, Podsekretarz Stanu, Ministerstwo Infrastruktury i Rozwoju

    Comment board - representatives of 3 universities

    12.00 – 12.30
    Coffee Break

    12.30 - 14.00
    Keynote Session: Visionaries

    (PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)

    1. Richard Frąckowiak, Professor and Head of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Lausanne
    2. Lou Berneman, PhD., Founding Partner, Osage University Partners
    3. Wiesław Nowiński, Affiliate Profesor of Radiology, Univeristy of Washington, Seattle, USA

    14.15 – 15.00

    15.00 – 16.15
    Panel session I: Environment for innovation (Society/City/Science)

    Panel: Social return on innovations (room C - PL only)

    Moderator: Paweł Bochniarz, Innovation Advisory Director, PwC

    1. Jan Filip Staniłko, PhD., Industrial Program Director at WISE
    2. Jakub Wygnański -CEO, Unit for Social Innovation and Research – Shipyard
    3. Kamil Wyszkowski - Representative and General Director at The Global Compact Poland

    4. Blanka Fijołek, Corporate Citizienship & Sponsorship Senior Manager at Samsung Electronics Poland

    5. Krzysztof Cibor, social economy expert, FISE

    Panel: City as a space for innovation (room B - PL only)

    Moderator: Krzysztof Mazur, PhD., President, Klub Jagielloński

    1. Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor, City of Warsaw
    2. Krzysztof Jonak, Territory Manager for CEE, Intel Corporation
    3. Tomasz Nadolny, CTO, City of Gdańsk
    4. Artur Celiński, Head of City DNA, Res Publica

    5. Piotr Wilam, CEO, Innovation Nest

    Panel: Building bridges between science and business (room A - PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)

    Moderator: Marek Kwiek, Professor,
    Adam Mickiewicz University 

    1. Maria Makarow, Professor, Finnish Academy of Sciences
    2. Llouis Rovira - PhD., Director, CERCA Institute
    3. Chris Shipley, Executive Producer, SOLVE MIT
    4. Maciej Żylicz, Professor, President of the Board, Foundation for Polish Science
    5. Małgorzata Stokrocka, PhD., Director for Research & Development, Adamed

    16.15 – 16.45
    Coffee Break

    16.45 – 18.00
    Panel session II: Tools for innovation (Taxes/ Law/ Finance)

    Panel: Tax reliefs

    (room C - PL only)

    Moderator: Beata Tylman, PwC


    1. Adam Badowski, Managing Director, CD Projekt

    2. Dariusz Dzirba, PhD., Director of Development, PGNiG

    3. Wojciech Blew, Director of Technology Development, Grupa LOTOS

    4. Jolanta Łykowska, Finance Director, Oceanic

    5. Mateusz Gaczyński, Deputy Director, Ministry of Science and Higher Education

    Panel: Overregulated? Legal barriers in the world of innovation

    (room B - PL only)

    Moderator: Krzysztof Wojdyło, coordinator of The New Technologies Practice,
    Wardyński & Partners


    1. Mirosław Barszcz, Lawyer

    2. Arkadiusz Regiec, Founder, Beesfund

    3. Marta Pawlak, Lawyer, Startup Poland

    4. Jakub Lipiński, Founder and CEO, Polidea

    Panel: Venture Capital funds as the key element of innovative ecosystem

    (room A - PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)

    Moderator: Michał Kaczmarski, Editor-in-Chief, INNPoland


    1. Leszek Grabarczyk, Deputy Director, National Centre for Research and Development

    2. Mark Muth, Director, PwC

    3. Karin Mayer Rubinstein, CEO, IATI

    4. Cindy Daniell, PhD., Director, Program Development, SRI International


  • Day 2 28.10.2015

    8.30 – 9.45
    Parallel workshops 

    1. Valuation of technology
    Mike Pellegrino, Founder and President, Pellegrino & Associates, LLC

    (room A - ENG only)

    2. Strategy of IP management
    Ophir Marko, Patent Attorney specializing in startups

    (room B - ENG only)

    3. Work skills in time of permanent change

    Justyna Jasiewicz, PhD., Head of Research, Centrum Cyfrowe, Projekt: Polska

    (room C - PL only)

    10.00 – 10.15

    Opening of the second day
    (room A)

    10.15 – 11.45
    Session: Trends in innovation in Europe and the rest of the world

    (PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)


    1. Ten brekthrough technologies

    Antoinette Matthews, Executive Director, MIT Enterprise Forum, Inc.


    2. Life science: How to end aging?

    Aubrey de Grey, PhD., Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation


    3. How big data and cloud will impact the IP market

    Dipanjan "DJ" Nag, President and CEO, Prediqtus


    4. Collective Disruption

    Michael Docherty, CEO, Venture2

    11.45 – 12.15
    Coffee Break

    12.15 – 14.15
    Polish Innovators session

    Theory & Practice - 15 min presentations 

    (PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)

    1. How to create innovative economy in Poland 

    Piotr Wilam, Co-founder, general partner and leading investor at Innvation Nest

    2. Presentation of MIT Enterprise Forum of Poland

    Paweł Bochniarz, Innovation Advisory Director at PwC

    3. Bridges are essential, yet sometimes a gangway is enough 

    Adam Kostrzewa, partner with MDDP Science and Innovation

    4. Death Valley, Citizens of Academia

    Marcin Grynberg, assistant professor at IBB PAS, co-founder at Citizens of Academia "Death Valley"


    Meet Polish Innovators - 7 min pitches

    (PL/ENG - simultaneous translation)

    1. Michał Mikulski, EGZO Tech

    2. Marek Przystaś, Duckie Deck

    3. Błażej Marciniak, Sher.ly

    4. Julian Zawistowski, imapp.pl

    5. Rafał Pawłaszek, Sybilla Technologies

    6. Szymon Talbierz, Svanvid

    7. Bartłomiej Żerek, ONCO-3CLA

    5 min Closing remarks


    15.15 – 17.00
    Legislative challenges for Coalition for Polish Innovations and programming of working groups 2016+
    (for institutions and people interested in joining Coalition for Polish Innovations)

  • Day 1
  • Day 2

Number of free places is limited. Once the limit is reached, the conference participation fee amounts to 950 PLN net, which covers the participation in 2-day conference, lunch and coffee breaks and a dinner party. Participants are responsible for their transport and accommodation arrangements and costs.